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Henry Clay’s Death

Henry Clay died June 29, 1852. Seven of his children’s death came before his. He died of tuberculosis in Washington D.C. He was 75 years old when he died. He was buried at Lexington Memorial. On his gravestone is a message, ” I know no North- no South- no East- no West.”

Henry Clay’s Family

Henry Clay got married to Lucretia Hart Clay on April 19 1799. They were married in Lexington, Kentucky. They had 11 kids together. 6 were girls and 5 were boys. The first born was Henrietta. She was born in the year 1800 and sadly died a year later. Second born was Theodore. He was born […]

Interesting Facts

Near the end of his life Henry Clay was mauled by a goat He served in the senate at 29 years old, this was against the constitutional age requirements He ran for president 3 times and failed all of them His nickname was, “The Great Compromise” Henry Clay was a  businessman, landowner, farmer, horse breeder […]

Impact on the Civil War

Henry Clay averted the Civil War for years with compromises between the north and south. One of the compromises was the Missouri Compromise. The Missouri Compromise made Maine a free state. But it also made Missouri a slave state. Along with banning slavery for everything north of the Missouri border in the Louisiana Purchase. This kept […]

The War of 1812

Henry Clay was a war hawk. His solution to a disagreement was always war. Always pushing war with Britain. Oddly enough, he was also peace commissioner in the Ghent treaty helping end the War of 1812. The Ghent treaty was an agreement between Britain and the U.S. One agreement the treaty included said that all prisoners must […]

Early Life

He wasin Hanover County, Virginia. The revolutionary war was going on during Henry Clay’s childhood. His parents were John Clay and Elizabeth Hudson Clay. His father was a Baptist minister. His father died four years after Henry was born. This was the year the British soldiers raided the area and looted the clay home.  His […]